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About Me

Born and raised in Talbot County, I am a wife, a mother, a small business owner and economic development professional. I am passionate about helping others especially women and children - realize their potential through encouragement and empowerment. 


Raised in Trappe by my grandmother, I attended Talbot County Public Schools from kindergarten through graduation. From my waterman grandfather, I was schooled in the critical role our seafood and agriculture industry play. From my grandmother, a domestic worker, I learned that with hard work, integrity and faith, anything is possible. 


In my career, I earned a successful track record based on sound policies and innovative strategies. Partnering with private and public stakeholders, I’ve championed education, entrepreneurship and expansion of existing businesses as key economic drivers. Spearheading development of a Regional Technology Park and the mid-shore’s first technology incubator.



Education, Business & Economic Development, & Environment


My personal and professional commitment to Talbot County is evident in my family background, career and community service. I am running as a candidate to champion education, business and economic development and environmental strategies.


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